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Fernando Torres Scores for Spain in rout of USA [VIDEO]

Chelsea fans should certainly look forward to the prospect of their Spanish striker doing (at least) better than he has done this season, with him scoring in their 4-0 rout of USA

Yes, it’s a friendly, but still, it’s an International friendly, meaning that all the honour goes into the matches. It does look like Fernando Torres has been regaining a lot of his fitness over the post-season period, so Chelsea fans will be able to see their striker back to be best sometimes soon. (hopefully)

It’s a decent finish and a pretty good run there by Fernando Torres, whose form has been in absolute disarray following a dismal World Cup performance which resulted in him pulling his hamstring in the final…. after coming on as a substitute. Torres has only managed 10 goals in total this season for BOTH Chelsea and Liverpool FC this season.

So will he be back to form in time for the new season or is this simply just a lucky one for the Spaniard. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!


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FIFA Making Mockery of Themselves: BREAKING

Do we still want this fool around?

Well, there couldn’t have been a better script, as now it has been announced by Jack Warner that Sepp Blatter was in fact the man whom was the man behind the bribery

People want to see more transparency in FIFA which is accused of being corrupt whereas it isn’t

Bin Hammam

Well, that’s pretty much why I wanted Bin Hammam to take over, I think that he was actually the good guys, after all, all Blatter has offered to the game of football was to offer the rule of silver goal (which has been discontinued) and stirred a controversy by asking women to play in skirts. Do we still need that Swiss making a mockery of FIFA?

Jack Warner: Blatter ‘donated’ a million dollars to Concacaf

Well, would you believe that? The president of the game that we all know and love is in fact the man behind the corruption at FIFA. Caughtoffside reoirts that Warner has at least 13 different federations. It gets even more interesting, this isn’t even the first time that it has been mentioned, as the topic was brought up several months ago at a Miami conference.

Get them out!

We need an entire restructure of FIFA, after all, we don’t have any more ‘transparency’ and I’ve simply lost all prior faith that I have had prior to this scandal. We need to vote new people in, we need to make some changes, and we most certainly must kick corruption out of the game.

‘Buying the World Cup’ is not in the spirit of the game, reportedly how Qatar won the World Cup, it just simply doesn’t fit the bill of it being a truly ‘World Cup’, which is why I want Qatar to be stripped of that World Cup 2022 hosts tag, as it simply isn’t fair that other nations spend so much money on preparation only to lose to a number of ‘bought votes’.

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International Friendly Wrapups

Jack Wilshere, Impressive

Lionel Messi put one over his mighty rival Cristiano Ronaldo in the friendlies from yesterday

Well, Argentina won their mighty deal with Portugal with Lionel Messi putting on a stellar performance. Lionel provided an assist for the first goal, a goal for Angel Di Maria of Real Madrid. But scores were put back on level terms when Messi converted from a spot kick when a penalty was awarded to Argentina on the 90th minute. So Messi wins the first international duel between him and the mighty Ronaldo and looks to continue by taking this game’s form into his next international game, games in which people say he under performs in.

Spain edged out Columbia to win their first game after a 3 game winless streak thanks to a David Silva strike. The current European and World Champions had to fight it out all the way to the 86th minute to eke out the win. David Silva took advantage of relative newcomer to the Spanish national team, Jesus Navas and scored the winning goal in this tight encounter.

In a game where the youngsters were heavily praised, England won Denmark 2-1. The creativity returned to England after a horrible World Cup. Jack Wilshere and young Danish defender Christian Eriksen were heavily praised in a match where Liverpool defender Daniel Agger (yay!), Darren Bent and Ashley Young scored.

So those were the big ties all wrapped up, in other news, World Cup 2018 hosts Russia lost 1-0, to Iran!

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