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Our Site has Moved….

Here’s a reminder from us at Two Liverpool Fans that we have indeed moved to a new website address.

You can now find us at http://twoliverpoolfans.com . We hope to see you guys there! Alongside that, you can find us starting off our new website on general Premier League stuff at http://ramblingsofafifa12showboat.wordpress.com/ .

You get the usual stuff on Two Liverpool Fans that you guys get here, the latest Liverpool news, our Liverpool FC views on those news and in depth tactical analysis along with score predictions and match previews.

We hope to see you guys there!


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[POLL] Liverpool FC’s New Third Kit

It’s your turn here on TLFs today, with you guys given an option to vote whether this season’s new third kit for Liverpool FC is a winner or a disappointment.

So lets vote!

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Are Liverpool the New Arsenal?

Liverpool have seemed to be spending only on youngsters in the summer. Look at the likes of Henderson, Hazard, Phil Jones, all of whom are youngsters whom are very promising, but it alarmingly reminds me of Arsenal.

First of All

Don’t get me wrong, I love how Arsenal play, I like the philosophy, to bring forward youthful British (and sometimes French) youngsters into the team. Jack Wilshere’s a wonderful example of that, but can you seriously imagine how much/many:
a) money into their academy
b) youngsters that have actually gone through the academy only to move somewhere else

The only problem, as many supporters openly admit, is in fact Arsene Wenger’s inability to go out and capture star players, and it is seemingly the disease that Liverpool FC and in particular Damien Comolli has caught.

Who are Liverpool actually interested in?

I’ll name you the few who have been linked with Liverpool FC, well, at least are currently being linked to a move to Anfield in the summer. Eden Hazard, Phil Jones, Jordan Henderson and James McCarthy. Perhaps Hazard or maybe Henderson the most reknown on the list.

The question now is: Should Liverpool going down this path, will they achieve success. Will the youngsters manage to break into the first team? It is a formula that has been almost perfected at Arsenal and perhaps more than perfected down in Barcelona.

But I still think that the key thing to do first is to successfully mould a team that is capable of getting (at least) a third place finish in the Premier League next season. The youngsters will take several more years to develop and besides, they might do better playing at their current clubs to gain more exposure anyways.

Are Liverpool FC Buying a whole new Academy?

That’s another one of the intriguing questions now, because various players that Liverpool FC have been linked with seem more like academy players if you ask me, with Phil Jones being the one that I am mainly aiming at here.

Yes, he has performed well for Blackburn Rovers this season and if I’m not mistaken, he has gotten just over 20 appearances this season, but does he seriously stand a chance against Agger, Carragher and Skrtel? Perhaps Kyrgiakos commands more confidence and physical presence at the back than the young centerback.

What Liverpool really need

With the youngster stuff out of the way, I shall discuss here what I think Liverpool ‘actually’ need. And that’s not youngsters, that’s quality, experienced players. And by experienced I most certainly not looking at Poulsen-level.

What I think LIverpool need is a bunch of players around 22-26 years old and players who can provide something different at the red half of Merseyside. A suggestion of mine would be in Napolli’s Marek Hamsik, young and talented, and he certainl knows how to dominate the midfield. He is the type of player that would be most successful at Liverpool FC.


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The Liverpool Shopping List: 4 Players they should Consider

In the second part to the series, Two Liverpool Fans take a look at who Liverpool FC should be looking to buy this coming summer transfer window.

Adam Johnson

Although largely inconsistent, Johnson is a huge game changer and could be a real livewire down either flank for Liverpool FC. Johnson is brilliant at what he does best, and that is racing past his marker and delivering a delicious cross into the box.

Furthermore, the deal could be rather cut-price as Johnson has (sort of) fallen out of favour at The Eastlands, with him getting very little game time down at Manchester. Liverpool would need him to supply the crosses required for Andy Carroll to get on to, with the Englishman’s largely imposing physical presence being put to waste this season, with Liverpool being unable to provide a consistent crosser for the Englishman to flourish at Merseyside.

Yuri Zhirkov

Definitely the choice that is going to require the most justifying from me, but I think that he is actually a quality player and it is just Ashley Cole stopping him from being a great player at Chelsea. He has scored many crackers in his time with CSKA Moscow.

Not only will he be able to fill the left back position should he come to Anfield, but he can also play further forward and thus fixing another problematic position for the Reds: the left midfield position, where Meireles has been made to play on numerous occasions. A good crosser with lots of pace, I think that he could be a great signing.

It you’re not convinced:

Jermain Defoe

Well, Jermain Defoe has had an up and down year, which is why one of my main reasons for suggesting his signing is because he could come on the cheap. Defoe has a really powerful shot and bags of pace to leave defenders in their wake, and that could be just what Liverpool need.

Andy Carroll isn’t exactly the fittest striker around, so I think that the solution is to bring in another proven goalscorer, one who knows how to shoot between the sticks. Jermain Defoe and Luis Suarez doesn’t sound like too bad a combination either, does it?

James McCarthy

Well, the Wigan man has been linked to a move to Merseyside, and I honestly think that it is justified. Liverpool are keen to develop their youth and McCarthy is a brilliant example of a young, British player. Young and talented, and he certainly knows how to pick out a pass.

For those who aren’t convinced: See 0:45 and especially 3:24 (Genius)

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The Arsenal Shopping List: 4 Players They Should Consider

The transfer window is coming ever closer, and it’s time to see what teams need this summer, so here’s who I think Arsene Wenger should sign this summer.

Yoann Gourcuff

With Fabregas and Nasri potentially leaving in the summer, I guess it is not much surprise that Gourcuff here is on the list for Arsenal’s shopping list this summer. Along with that, after all Denilson, Eboue and others are also rumoured to be heading for the exit door. So Wenger will certainly need to snap up a midfielder this summer.


Gourcuff has had a somewhat dismal year, where he admitted to himself that he was “disappointed and frustrated” with his performances at Lyon. So he could potentially be leaving on a cut-price deal. Although he has a contract with Lyon up to around 2015, Arsenal could certainly tempt them into selling with a big deal, perhaps money that they will receive from selling several of their players in the summer.


Jan Vertonghen

A lot of Gunners want this Belgian defender playing at the heart of their defence, and with good reason, his club performances for Ajax have been stellar and he has saved the Dutch side in defensive terms on many occasions.


Another thing that is exciting about the 24 year old is that not only he is compatriot to their centerback Vermaelen, but he plays like him as well. Vertonghen frequently goes forward in support play and he has a good header in his attacking and defensive arsenal. Along with that, he can slot right in at left back should Clichy consider leaving in the summer.


Maarten Stekelenburg

With Almunia around, I guess it is not much surprise about this pick. Yes, Arsenal have a more than capable goalkeeper in the young Polish Sczcesny, but Stekelenburg could show him a few tricks in goal, giving him some advice, and would provide cover for Sczcesny.


At 28 years old, he also has many more years of quality service left to offer to Arsenal. With Almunia and Lehman being (permanently) shipped out in the summer, they will need someone to deputize, and someone that isn’t Arsenal’s very own version of Tottenham’s Huerelo Gomes. So Stekelenburg would be a pretty smart buy.


Miguel Veloso

Arsenal have been missing a dominating defensive midfielder this season, and that is just what this Portuguese midfielder can bring, crunching tackles and crucial interceptions. Not only is he great at breaking down plays, but he can also bring a leadership element to this Arsenal side.


Veloso also has a lot of versatility, being able to slot in at left back as well, so should Clichy leaves in the summer, he could be another candidate to take on the mantle at left back. But I still think that he would do great, dominating the midfield.


So what do you guys think of my opinions? Agree or disagree? Write your thoughts in the comments section below!


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What Liverpool FC Fans SHOULD See Next Season

After a rather dismal season comes to a close, Li Ming looks at what Liverpool fans can be looking forward to in the coming season ahead.

New Faces

Well, many have already been linked. From the likes of Jordan Henderson to Ashley Young and also Stewart Downing have been mentioned as names that might arrive at Anfield in the summer transfer window. The transfer window will most certainly be hugely defining for their season ahead, reason being that with the right players, we actually have a pretty decent squad. What I probably want the most is a good crosser of the ball to arrive, definitely at least one, although two might be great because we don’t exactly have a good one on either wings, and that’s what we have been lacking throughout the course of the season. Maxi Rodriguez is inconsistent and cuts in way too often, and Dirk Kuyt, is, not taking away any of his credit because he indeed is a great player for Liverpool FC, not my take on an ‘out and out’ winger.

I think that Liverpool would need to bring in Ashley Young. He’s got a brilliant free kick in his arsenal, wonderful crossing ability, and another really important thing is that he is versatile, having the ability to play on either wings. Being strong on both his left and right foot, I think that’s very important when looking for a winger. Another one that would fit in would be Eden Hazard, and he fits into Liverpool’s new transfer policy, that policy being to sign young, fresh players.

Luis Suarez firing all cylinders

I guess the phrase ‘Fernando Who?’ sorta sums up how Luis Suarez has changed the atmosphere around Anfield. He has made a huge impression on Liverpool FC fans like myself and I’m certainly looking forward to the destruction he can to do to other teams next season. 4 goals for this season doesn’t exactly tell the whole story, especially after his solo effort against Manchester United was pretty selfishly stolen away by Dirk Kuyt. He’s got loads of skill and his turning is amazing, so I am looking forward to seeing that next season.

Suarez has also got a bucketful of assists so far this season, counting just the Manchester United game alone, he already got two from there. Along with that, he had superb vision to pick out Glen Johnson against West Ham was extraordinary, as the ball had to get past a lot of West Ham defenders to get to the Englishman. Not to mention his brilliant performance against Fulham. I was left absolutely speechless after he battered the defenders, literally going back again and then destroying them once more. It was as if Luis Suarez was even toying around with Hangeland, not one to mess with, especially when you talk about physical build.

Let’s certainly hope for our Uruguayan to fire us up the table next season.

Steven Gerrard Screamers

Well, I am certainly missing the 25 yard piledrivers from Steven Gerrard recently, whom has been out through a groin injury. I think Liverpool FC have missed him a lot, although the youngsters have indeed stepped up to the plate at Anfield. Steven Gerrard’s vision, though is almost irreplaceable, and I even think that his injury problems this season for Liverpool FC resulted in Fernando Torres’ dip in form, and as a result, his departure to Chelsea FC. Who knows? Should our captain have been around more often, it could have been a very different story indeed. (although if he did improve the team, that means that Roy would have stayed around, wouldn’t it?)

Steven Gerrard also commands leadership in the midfield, organizing the counter attacks and even taking the free kicks. Steven Gerrard’s trademark free kicks have been what I have been missing, with that blast straight up to the top corner simply a marvel when you watch it at it’s best. So hurry up captain, the ship is waiting!


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Barcelona’s Lesson to Arsenal

It’s the same philosophy, roughly the same infrastructure, but it’s a whole different result that can be found in Barcelona and Arsenal

Pass and move

The philosophy of both Barcelona and Arsenal when they’re playing football. Both are amazing to watch, but Barcelona still are a class above in terms of this. But when you ask anyone, who are the two best teams in the world in terms of passing, the knowledgeable (or even some not so knowledgeable) will definitely say Barcelona and Arsenal.

So what’s the difference between the Spanish side and the English side? I think that one reason behind it: Barcelona take their time to carve out chances, Arsenal too often rush to making a pass or a shot from somewhere outside the box without really getting inside the box.

Which brings me to my next reason, the movement of the Barcelona players is incredible, the work-rate is high, and there is a lot of productivity coming out of the passes they make. Just look at the likes of Pedro, Villa and Messi, darting runs into the box, which really brings out why their passing is the best in the world, having the ability to pick out those passes.

Arsenal on the other hand, they normally go with the occasional shot from outside the box. Which kinda hurts the teams chances because accuracy will be lower and the goalkeeper will generally have more time to see the ball and then save/parry it away.

Barca have Xavi, Iniesta, Messi etc.  Arsenal have Fabregas and Wilshere

Well, all the players mentioned above all in some way or another went through their respective clubs’ academy teams and made it to the big time. So just how did Xavi, Iniesta and Messi turn out to be world beaters when Fabregas and Wilshere can be second-rate at best when comparing to Barcelona?

I think the reason behind that is that the Arsenal team simply changes way too often. Just look at how their team has changed over the years, Gallas left, Henry left, Viera left, and a few others have left. The fact is, that they haven’t replaced those players properly, and they are still suffering the effects of not properly replacing those players.

Compare that to what Barcelona do, which is to actually bring in someone before selling someone. One example would be the Zlatan Ibrahimovic case, where Barcelona actually secured the services of David Villa before offloading Ibrahimovic to AC Milan.

Barcelona have already a basic outline behind the squad, with Andres Iniesta and Xavi dominating the midfield for years already, Puyol being a lynchpin in their defence, and Lionel Messi, simply being amazing. The fact is, Barcelona don’t lose their star players, they simply sell those off form and bring in better ones, and they actually splash the cash unlike Arsene Wenger. Another comparison would be in selling Ronaldinho, a bold but correct move. He was way past his best and it was exactly the correct time to sell him.


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