All of Liverpool FC’s Fixtures for Next Season Right Here

13th: S’LAND
27th: BOLTON

10th: STOKE
17th: SPURS
24th: WOLVES

15th: MAN UTD


26th: MAN CITY

10th: QPR
17th: VILLA
20th: WIGAN
26th: B’BURN
14th: STOKE
21st: BOLTON
31st: WOLVES

4th: SPURS
11th: MAN UTD


10th: S’LAND

17th: QPR

24th: WIGAN

7th: VILLA
9th: B’BURN
14th: FULHAM




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Liverpool FC 3rd Kit: Poll Results. Fans Divided over new 3rd Kit

Liverpool FC’s new 3rd kit has been praised and criticized for different things. The criticism is coming because of the choice of colour. And personally, I think that it was a bad call.

I don’t think that we should in no way be associated with our neighbours Everton FC. The blue has annoyed me, along with many other fans and here’s what the overall perception of the jersey is. Don’t get me wrong though, I love the concept and idea behind the jersey. It looks absolutely amazing…. apart from the colour.


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Fixture List for Next Season Released: A look at the first few Weeks. Liverpool FC and Arsenal

Well, there are a lot more weeks of summer, but fans are already waiting on another exciting season of football when it kicks off come August.


Arsenal have arguably the hardest start to the 2011/12 BPL season. Put it this way, they are up against Newcastle United in Week 1, before two pretty vital games against first Liverpool FC and then Manchester United in the following week up for the Gunners.

Arsenal started pretty well last season, although starting off by dropping 2 points against Liverpool on week 1. They picked up a full 6 points for their next two games against Blackpool and Blackburn Rovers. A good start is crucial for Arsenal, who could find themselves out of the title race early on should they drop many points at the start of their season.

Liverpool FC

The first fixture for Liverpool next season is really interesting already, with Jordan Henderson set for an early meeting with his old friends, with Liverpool set to welcome the Black Cats to Anfield on Week 1.

Jordan Henderson will certainly want to make his mark for Liverpool next season to justify the massive transfer fee that came attached to his transfer to Merseyside in the summer. With Dalglish around, Liverpool will want to put in a better start to the season, especially compared to the one they had last year.

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[POLL] Liverpool FC’s New Third Kit

It’s your turn here on TLFs today, with you guys given an option to vote whether this season’s new third kit for Liverpool FC is a winner or a disappointment.

So lets vote!

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Manchester United’s Bebe Moves to Turkey on Loan Deal

Just under a year ago, Manchester United declared that they were signing a promising young player in Bebe on a £7.4m transfer deal in the summer, and his Manchester adventure certainly hasn’t go to plan.

Bebe was signed from Portuguese side Vitoria Guimaraes in a deal that left Manchester United fans wondering how talented the player actually was, but in all reality, firstly, he wasn’t ever worth that much, and secondly, Manchester United fans were skeptical, reason being that he was sold little more than 300k just a year before that.

Bebe was however keen on proving the massive price tag that Manchester United have invested in him, but in all reality, he was simply a big flop and a horrible signing by the Red Devils. Just seven first team appearances this term, most of which he has disappointed in, Bebe is moving to Besiktas on a loan deal.

The deal includes an option for Besiktas to permanently seal the deal in the following summer, where they could be buying the winger for a price for 2 million pounds, which means that Manchester United would make a 5.4 million pounds loss should the deal be a reality next season.

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A Manager’s Guide: How to beat Arsenal

It’s ‘A Manager’s Guide’ again here on our website, with our first edition being on how to beat Barcelona just a few weeks ago, this week the subject of our interest is Arsenal FC.

It’s all about taking your chances against Arsenal, because when you are up against a team whom keep possession well, you are always going to have to make the most of all your chances throughout the course of the game.

Pressing is Key
Against a team like Arsenal, you NEED to pressurize the players, and to close them down, otherwise they will simply find space. I personally think that the difference between Barcelona and Arsenal is the work ethic.

Barcelona have incredible movement when on the ball, they simply create so much space for each other. Arsenal on the other hand, besides Walcott, they don’t seem to have the pace moving forward. Look at it this way, even Xavi gets into the act when Barcelona attack.

Pressing would cause the players to panic a little, and potentially wrongly place/weigh the pass, hence Arsenal losing the ball.

And for Attacking
I think that against Arsenal, you have got to do it either one way or another, and the two methods of doing so is through either playing a game which includes a lot of crosses for your strikers to get on to or simply to outthink Arsenal, Koscielny sometimes, in my opinion is a bit too erratic in his tackles.

And personally, when I watch Arsenal play, I think that Koscielny gives away way too many penalties thanks to his tackles. So that’s what you really have to do, to sort of sniff around the edge of the box and simply looking for an opening, because one will certainly open up.

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Liverpool FC 2011/12 3rd Kit: Going Blue [PICTURES]

Liverpool have officially announced the colours and the design of their brand new third kit for the up-coming season in the Barclays Premier League.

Personally, I absolutely LOVE the design, it looks pretty much as inspired as Liverpool FC’s away kit and it looks like the guys at Adidas certainly left a mark on us Liverpool fans in their last year in charge of making the shirts for Liverpool, however, although the design is wonderfully produced, I don’t think that the colours were the best colours that were ever chosen.

True, that Liverpool’s first ever home kit was in fact blue, however the fact is, personally, I wouldn’t like to be associated to the other half of Merseyside in terms of kit, with Everton donning their classic blue home kit for next season as well. But here are the pictures anyways, it looks freaking amazing!

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