Hello everyone! Welcome to the blog of two Liverpool fans! Firstly, lets introduce our 2 owners of this blog.

(Fernando) Chow Yao Wen – He admits the the fact that he is a cunning trickster as that tells the reason on why he hasn’t got into deep trouble in school – he does various evil tricks when he’s in one and his teachers ALWAYS fall for them.

Fernando is a massive football fan, and has been supporting Liverpool for an awful long time. He was born on 30th May 1996 in Malaysia. Since his very first day of watching the English Premier League, he has fallen in love with Liverpool and has already assured that he will be a “Liverpoolean” for the rest of his life.

In his outside life, Fernando is currently educating at SMK Sultan Abu Bakar, a well-known school located in Kuantan, Pahang. Basically, he is a mad-class clown and enjoys bringing laughter to everyone as he believes that smiling is a universal welcome 🙂

LMNOP (or post name routeen) – Law Li Ming in real name and an avid football fan. Supporter of Liverpool for a huge period of time and looks to continue staying that way. A huge ‘Scouser’. Born on 16th September 1996 in Singapore, although Malaysian and a true red.

An International School Student (British) in a school in Kuala Lumpur. Annoys everyone while making people laugh loads of the time and lives in Kuala Lumpur (if it wasn’t obvious) 🙂


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