Players Liverpool ACTUALLY Need – Part 2

Here is the second part of the Players Liverpool ACTUALLY Need post. Well in the first part of the post, we discussed about the ‘ideal’ centre backs for Liverpool, click here to read the previous part.

As I stated, we’ll be checking out the ‘ideal’ left backs for Liverpool in this episode. Thus, these are the left backs Liverpool should consider.

1. Marcelo Vieira 

Real Madrid’s most promising left back at the moment. Marcelo, aged 23, is known for his lightning speed and durability.

Despite not being the best of tacklers around, the Brazilian has managed to mark down Barcelona’s unprecedented Lionel Messi in several occasions during the El Clasico matches. Marcelo has got 3 goals and 5 assists from a total of 32 appearances for Real Madrid in the Spanish La Liga last season – a stat that is absolutely not bad at all for a defender.


2. Domenico Criscito

Some may think I must be joking. Or worse, some might have not even heard of this lad before. In actual fact I am not!

Criscito starred in the 2010 FIFA World Cup for Italy after numerous eye-catching performances for Genoa (now at Napoli) in the Italian Serie A. The 24-year-old has managed 3 assists from a total of 36 Serie A matches last season. His solid displays in Italy has now put him on German powerhouse Bayern Munich’s transfer radar.


3. Miguel Veloso

Mainly operates as an offensive left back. The Portuguese international is excellent in breaking the opposition’s possession and also making well-timed tackles, the exact kind of player Liverpool need – so can someone tell me why he hasn’t been on Liverpool’s shopping list?

Premiership sides Manchester City, Bolton and Tottenham Hotspur have all been monitoring the 24-year-old’s situation, and with Veloso only making 19 appearances after a not-so-impressive season, the Genoa man could well be on his way to a top club soon if Liverpool are still not keeping an eye on him.


So that’s all for this episode, the post on the ‘ideal’ wingers Liverpool ACTUALLY need will be up really soon, thanks for reading guys.






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