The June 10th Transfer Gossip

And it’s Friday today, well, been a busy week in the market, especially for Liverpool and Manchester United, so well, check out the latest transfer rumours from the papers

So Manchester It is for Ashley Young

It looks like Manchester United have won both their transfer tussles with Merseyside club Liverpool FC after they secured a Liverpool target Phil Jones a day back and now they are set to sign the English winger, Ashley Young. Young has wanted a move ever since Martin O’Neil left at the start of the year, and it looks like the move is almost inevitable now. Check out the line from The Daily Mirror.

Aston Villa have all but abandoned hope of convincing winger Ashley Young to agree to a contract extension, with a £16m move to Manchester United in the offing.

The Daily Mirror

Two Centerhalves for Arsenal?

Instead of trying to find a secure replacement for Nasri and Fabregas’ potential departures, it looks like Arsenal want to splash the cash for two center backs. Those two are Blackburn’s Samba and Bolton’s Gary Cahill. An old rumour, but one that is brought up recently due to apparent ‘added interest’ on behalf of The Gunners.

Apparently, Samba will cost 12 million pounds and Cahill a whopping 15 million. But I guess with deals like around 16 million pounds for Phil Jones and 16 million for Henderson probably suggests that the sum isn’t that hefty after all. But then again, you never know with Arsenal… So here’s the quote:

Arsenal are in talks with both Bolton’s Gary Cahill and Blackburn’s Christopher Samba as manager Arsene Wenger looks to shore up the centre of his side’s defence. Samba would cost about £12m while a £15m deal would be enough to prise Cahill from the Reebok.

The Daily Mirror

Lukaku to turn Blue by this weekend

It looks like the wild goose chase for Romelu Lukaku (aka the ‘New Drogba’) is set to end after it has been reported by The Guardian that a deal could be reached by this weekend.

The paper reports: ‘Lukaku’s agent, Christophe Henrotay, who is based in Monaco, will welcome the Anderlecht general manager, Herman van Holsbeeck, and a delegation from Stamford Bridge, and the parties will seek to conclude the transfer. Lukaku, a prodigy, was followed by a TV documentary crew for a year and, while on a school trip to London, he visited Stamford Bridge and was filmed giving a mock interview in the press area in which he declared his ambition to play for the club.’

So no Neymar at the club next season? Who knows! …. oh wait, Abramovic does.

Well, so that’s it for today and well, comment on what you guys think on these pending transfer developments.


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One response to “The June 10th Transfer Gossip

  1. Raman

    I dnt think AW gonna sign both..he probably has been trying for samba and wld go for the frenchman…
    But any one wld do, to part vermaelen or koscielny..
    And as of young it is surely going to happen..
    Roman abramovic as v all knw spends big so can get hold of the anderlecht starlet..

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