BREAKING: Phil Jones to sign for Liverpool

Jones....Heading to Anfield?

Well, this is just a rumour, but according to both Twitter and in some ways Sky Bet, Jones is set to undergo a medical at Melwood today to finalize his transfer from Blackburn to Liverpool FC.

Sky Bet have even cancelled all betting on Phil Jones for a while, following the reports that he is conducting a medical at roughly around the same time as officially signed midfielder, Jordan Henderson. A deal (should it have been done) would be worth roughly around 11-16 million pounds.

Football Trader Sandro Di Michele claimed: “A flurry of early morning bets on Phil Jones saw us go from 3/1 into evens and then into 1/3. With the weight of money and rumours coming from Merseyside that Jones is having a medical with the club today, we took the decision to suspend betting.”

Many clubs were in the center back, among interested were Manchester United and Arsenal.

UPDATE: Click Here



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2 responses to “BREAKING: Phil Jones to sign for Liverpool

  1. Paul Song

    well, it is just rumour? or real? i hope it is real.

  2. routeen

    @Paul this has been apparently discussed by many Liverpool websites, and it does seem that way, no official confirmation as of now though

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