Phil Jones, Henderson: Will they really improve Liverpool FC?

With Liverpool FC being mistaken as Manchester City (at least for now), spending loads of cash on players such as Phil Jones and Henderson, I am personally wondering if they can fit in at Liverpool.

Going British is certainly the main goal at Liverpool for the moment, with them targeting youthful and energetic players to try and improve on their lackluster season. Liverpool manage a mere 6th place finish this year, not really what you want at a side whom had the Premier League record titles up to this year.

No Europa League football, no Champions League football, I guess that Liverpool don’t exactly need dept for the coming season, being that there simply isn’t that much silverware to play for. Henderson, don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a class player, but he is in no way valued at 20 million pounds. The is in fact roughly how much Suarez was bought for and roughly Luka Modric’s value right now.

In my opinion, he doesn’t (and shouldn’t even) come close to the duo mentioned. Yes, his passing and his tackling is pretty good, but I think what Liverpool FC need is a livewire, someone who can light up their game and turn opponents on their heads to get behind the defence and score the goal.

That is NOT Jordan Henderson right here. But I guess it doesn’t hurt having another player in midfield. We need some backup should Steven Gerrard or Raul Meireles get injured so that’s pretty good. But apart from the price tag, he’s a class player, and although the payment was high, I will look forward to seeing him play at Anfield for next season.

And now, Phil Jones. For someone who hasn’t exactly been given his kit number, being 19 and playing for Blackburn Rovers, personally, without even seeing him play, I don’t like the sound of that. And the second fact is that I dislike the amount that Liverpool are paying for this fella too. 16 million pounds.

That’s a lot of money to put your faith in a nineteen year old who made his name with Blackburn Rovers. Many others are interested, but apparently Liverpool FC are leading the race for the young Englishman. From what I heard, he sounds a lot like Martin Kelly, both in build and playing style.

I just hope he isn’t a Danny Wilson. (remember him? we snapped him up from Rangers last summer, haven’t really seen him much in Liverpool colours)

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One response to “Phil Jones, Henderson: Will they really improve Liverpool FC?

  1. alive4 anfield

    i dont what is even wrong with out management.
    are they tryin to build an academy jus like arsenal and wasting had earned money.
    get quality and experienced players so that our younsters can learn from them.

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