The Arsenal Shopping List: 4 Players They Should Consider

The transfer window is coming ever closer, and it’s time to see what teams need this summer, so here’s who I think Arsene Wenger should sign this summer.

Yoann Gourcuff

With Fabregas and Nasri potentially leaving in the summer, I guess it is not much surprise that Gourcuff here is on the list for Arsenal’s shopping list this summer. Along with that, after all Denilson, Eboue and others are also rumoured to be heading for the exit door. So Wenger will certainly need to snap up a midfielder this summer.


Gourcuff has had a somewhat dismal year, where he admitted to himself that he was “disappointed and frustrated” with his performances at Lyon. So he could potentially be leaving on a cut-price deal. Although he has a contract with Lyon up to around 2015, Arsenal could certainly tempt them into selling with a big deal, perhaps money that they will receive from selling several of their players in the summer.


Jan Vertonghen

A lot of Gunners want this Belgian defender playing at the heart of their defence, and with good reason, his club performances for Ajax have been stellar and he has saved the Dutch side in defensive terms on many occasions.


Another thing that is exciting about the 24 year old is that not only he is compatriot to their centerback Vermaelen, but he plays like him as well. Vertonghen frequently goes forward in support play and he has a good header in his attacking and defensive arsenal. Along with that, he can slot right in at left back should Clichy consider leaving in the summer.


Maarten Stekelenburg

With Almunia around, I guess it is not much surprise about this pick. Yes, Arsenal have a more than capable goalkeeper in the young Polish Sczcesny, but Stekelenburg could show him a few tricks in goal, giving him some advice, and would provide cover for Sczcesny.


At 28 years old, he also has many more years of quality service left to offer to Arsenal. With Almunia and Lehman being (permanently) shipped out in the summer, they will need someone to deputize, and someone that isn’t Arsenal’s very own version of Tottenham’s Huerelo Gomes. So Stekelenburg would be a pretty smart buy.


Miguel Veloso

Arsenal have been missing a dominating defensive midfielder this season, and that is just what this Portuguese midfielder can bring, crunching tackles and crucial interceptions. Not only is he great at breaking down plays, but he can also bring a leadership element to this Arsenal side.


Veloso also has a lot of versatility, being able to slot in at left back as well, so should Clichy leaves in the summer, he could be another candidate to take on the mantle at left back. But I still think that he would do great, dominating the midfield.


So what do you guys think of my opinions? Agree or disagree? Write your thoughts in the comments section below!



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3 responses to “The Arsenal Shopping List: 4 Players They Should Consider

  1. Those seem to be good players that can help us win trophies but we also need to sing another strike to assit RVP upfornt. So need to do more

  2. taylor axton

    yer a good chioce of players but i think you should have mentioned gary cahill but yer if Vertonghen is as good as ive heard then please arsene get him. also if arsenal sell both fabby and nasri we need to get 2 midfeilders and you have hit the nail on the head with gourcuff and i think we should get sweinstiegger he is like a essien a strong powerhouse and would be a great player on our team. and again hitting the nail on the head with Stekelenburg. and george obure thank you someone aggres with me i think we should sign a 20 a year garrentee like benzema or if arsene still keeps his policy a 17 year old that if “we wait 5 years we will dominate” i cant be bothered waiting 5 years again we need trophies so these players can get them

  3. Arsenal need to get more serious in this up coming season. A club can not progress without a single trupy

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