FIFA Making Mockery of Themselves: BREAKING

Do we still want this fool around?

Well, there couldn’t have been a better script, as now it has been announced by Jack Warner that Sepp Blatter was in fact the man whom was the man behind the bribery

People want to see more transparency in FIFA which is accused of being corrupt whereas it isn’t

Bin Hammam

Well, that’s pretty much why I wanted Bin Hammam to take over, I think that he was actually the good guys, after all, all Blatter has offered to the game of football was to offer the rule of silver goal (which has been discontinued) and stirred a controversy by asking women to play in skirts. Do we still need that Swiss making a mockery of FIFA?

Jack Warner: Blatter ‘donated’ a million dollars to Concacaf

Well, would you believe that? The president of the game that we all know and love is in fact the man behind the corruption at FIFA. Caughtoffside reoirts that Warner has at least 13 different federations. It gets even more interesting, this isn’t even the first time that it has been mentioned, as the topic was brought up several months ago at a Miami conference.

Get them out!

We need an entire restructure of FIFA, after all, we don’t have any more ‘transparency’ and I’ve simply lost all prior faith that I have had prior to this scandal. We need to vote new people in, we need to make some changes, and we most certainly must kick corruption out of the game.

‘Buying the World Cup’ is not in the spirit of the game, reportedly how Qatar won the World Cup, it just simply doesn’t fit the bill of it being a truly ‘World Cup’, which is why I want Qatar to be stripped of that World Cup 2022 hosts tag, as it simply isn’t fair that other nations spend so much money on preparation only to lose to a number of ‘bought votes’.


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