Bin Hammam Withdraws from FIFA presidential race

Well, here’s a shocker, as Blatter has already won the race for FIFA presidency this year, after his only challenger, Bin Hammam withdrawing from the race just a day before he was due to face the courts of bribery allegations

I made the decision to run for the FIFA presidency because I was and remain committed to change within FIFA.

I set out my goals and ambitions clearly — to further the cause of democracy within FIFA — through a commitment to transparency and accountability; through a commitment to expand the number of officials and nations involved in decision-making processes.

Bin Hammam told Reuters

So it looks like Blatter is expected to sit through his fourth term as president of FIFA, with noone else left to challenge him, and a clear road ahead for the Swiss.

Let’s look at the things he has provided to football thus far:

The Silver Goal Rule

In EURO 2004, Blatter brought in the silver goal rule, which meant that should a team score and hold on to their lead until either half ends, they win straight away. The rule has been discontinued with the introduction of a full extra time.

Champions no longer directly qualify

Since the 2002 World Cup, the current World Cup champion no longer automatically qualifies for the next World Cup finals, as was the case for the champions of all 16 previous World Cups.

That’s about all, so are we really going to stand up for more years of this ridiculous nonsense? Even I could come up with these changes for goodness sake.


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