And They Win It Again, How Barcelona Won Manchester United: Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United

Barcelona have won the Champions League for the 4th time in their history, as they defeated Manchester United at Wembley to officially announce themselves as the kings of Europe

Simply a class above

Barcelona were unbelievable to watch today,  with their passing looking absolutely stunning, their dribbling astound, and their skill with the ball, simply amazing. The best team won the best club competition in Europe and they showed just why they won it.

From Xavi’s amazing vision to pick out Pedro for the first goal early on in the first half, to Messi’s amazing dribbling throughout the whole of the game and then to David Villa’s stunning chip/finesse shot that gave Van de Sar no chance of saving. Barcelona were the better team and they did it correctly.

No Diving, No bad decisions, no bulls***

It’s fair to say, that it wasn’t a physical game, and it was nice to see the final being decided right on the pitch with the ball at the players’ feets. It was a superb performance from Barcelona. You hear too many stories of Barcelona having divers and them being too soft, but none of that was seen today, and it was a wonderful game to watch.

Remember the FIFA World Cup Final 2010? Between Spain and Holland? It was a horrible game to watch in my opinion, from the tackles to several bad calls, well, at least we didn’t see any of that today, as Barcelona were rightfully crowned the champions of Europe.

And Lionel Messi Scores!

Perhaps what everyone minus the Manchester United supporters were hoping for, with Lionel Messi scoring a superb goal from 20 yards out. The power, the swerve, perhaps a bit of luck as noone closed him down, but nonetheless Lionel Messi worked hard throughout the night and he deserved his goal.

His feints and fakes proved to be a menace for Manchester United to deal with throughout the whole course of the match, and it was a joy to watch him (nearly) at his best.

Xavi: Maestro

Can you seriously tell me how you can complete a whole 41 passes without not completing a single one of them…. and against Manchester United…. and in a Champions League final? Well, there’s nothing  much more to say, Xavi was the puppetmaster and Manchester United were his puppets, he controlled the game, and dominated the middle of the ballpark.


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