We Say Goodbye to Blackpool and Birmingham

A hugely exciting last few minutes as Birmingham City and Blackpool were declared the teams who will go down to the Championship after an enthralling season.

The table doesn’t lie, and Wigan and Wolves can count themselves very lucky to have avoided relegation this time. Look at the results for the bottom 6:

Stoke 0-1 Wigan
Tottenham 2-1 Birmingham
Wolves 2-3 Blackburn
Manchester United 4-2 Blackpool

I didn’t put West Ham’s result there because it was kinda irrelevant. Personally, I’m going to miss Blackpool. They’ve been a wonderful team to watch throughout the course of the season and they absolutely gave it their all against Manchester United in their do-or-die match.

Birmingham can also be counted a little unlucky as Pavlyuchenko struck on the 90th minute for Tottenham, but it wouldn’t have made much of a difference, as should they have finished with a scoreline of 1-1, they still would have gone down, not thanks to points, not thanks to goal difference but instead because they have scored less goals than Wolves this season.

So we’re going to be seeing Roberto Martinez, Mick McCarthy and Blackburn’s Hoilet next season. So what do you guys think about it, they deserve it? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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