Roy Hodgson’s Band of Villains: Joe Cole


As the season is reaching a close, here I assess what went wrong in Liverpool’s season in our new feature, ‘Band of Villains’ and for our first feature is Joe Cole

It went wrong straight from Day 1
The defining moment of Liverpool’s season, perhaps, when they drew against Arsenal on Day 1. A positive result would have given them a good state of mind, but a late goal conceded thanks to a calamitous bit of goalkeeping by Pepe Reina and a red card for Joe Cole.

A bad tackle, an unlucky tackle. Perhaps it would have gone so differently should Joe Cole not have received a red card, perhaps his mindset could have been completely different. I still think that he’s still been recovering from what happened here.

Awfully off the pace
I don’t know the reason behind this, but I certainly have a few theories. One is of course his mindset and his lack of match fitness being another. I’ve already gone into some detail about his mindset being torn apart through that red card on Matchday 1. So here’s some of my thinking about his match fitness.

He’s had way to little match fitness, and you certainly need a lot to play in the Premier League. He has already proven himself in the Premier League with Chelsea, so I’m kinda surprised by his failiure to make an impact at Anfield. Yes, he’s been in and out of the team with injuries. But look at it this way, even the best players have injuries, and they recover so easily.

I personally think it’s the lack of motivation that is stopping Joe Cole from being a success at Liverpool. He’s simply had so many downs in his short stint with Liverpool FC. I simply think that he won’t be able to become the top class player he once was.

Senior Lancashire Cup Player?
Well, first think I would like to say is that Liverpool should surely cash in on the former English International. Although they would have lost tons of money paying his pay packet of 90,000 pounds a week.

It’s fair to say that he is only up to the standard of a Lancashire Cup player. People say that it was harsh for Hodgson was harsh to place him in that team, but it was a right call to me. Look at it this way, he needed the gaming time, and he simply wasn’t up to ‘Premier League’ standard,

So what do you guys think about my thoughts. Agree or disagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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One response to “Roy Hodgson’s Band of Villains: Joe Cole

  1. Dubai_Red

    Nothing to do with the mind set and even less to do with his red card on the opening day.

    Simply put joe is not up to it any longer and that is the reason why chelsea let him go. He’s been off the pace for some time now and the wages are criminal.

    Cole, along with konchesky and poulsen are the last bit of hodgsons legacy andd all need to go

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