The Race For The Golden Boot: 21 Goals

We currently have a tie in the race for the golden boot, and both are in fact coming from the Manchester side of the Premier League

It’s Carlos Tevez vs Dimitar Berbatov

It’s Manchester City taking on Manchester United, it’s Argentina vs Bulgaria, it’s Bulldog vs flamingo (well, I don’t even know how else to describe Berbatov), and the season’s top scorers will battle it out for the honour to take home the golden boot on the crucial final day.

Tevez has the momentum here, scoring a brilliant brace against Stoke City yesterday, and perhaps giving himself a huge psychological advantage over Berbatov, whom hasn’t scored since last month against Fulham on the 9th of April.

Question though is whether Ferguson would seriously even want to play the Bulgarian for their final fixture of the season against Blackpool. He simply has looked brilliant in some matches, namely against Liverpool at Old Trafford, and has looked absolutely dodgy in many others.

Lack of work ethic, determination and sloppiness on the pitch are simply the reasons why Berbatov hasn’t turned into an absolute legend with Manchester United. Well, another interesting aspect of this head to head encounter is that both are rumoured to be potentially leaving in the summer, Tevez for personal reasons and Berbatov, the reason being that Manchester United don’t seem to need him anymore, having ‘Chicharito’ and Rooney forming a formidable partnership.

Manchester City are against Bolton should you guys like to know. So who do you guys think will come out tops? Will Manchester United rest ‘Wazza’ and their ‘Little Pea’ and let Berbatov play up front on his own? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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