Thoughts on Liverpool vs Tottenham

Well, today I’m going to talk about John Flanagan and the penalty call that went against him against Spurs and talking about a few other stuff I noticed from the Liverpool-Spurs encounter

Well, I surely won’t be the first to say this, but John Flanagan indeed got a bit unlucky to have had that penalty given against him in the second half, which pretty much all but sealed victory for the Hotspurs, and it was indeed a harsh call by the referee. I’m not exactly saying that Tottenham didn’t deserve their win, I indeed agree that they deserved it, Liverpool were unproductive and simply Tottenham were the better side.

John Flanagan has already stamped his mark on the right back spot and is certainly one to watch over the coming years. His eagerness in a tackle is what strikes me as reminiscent to Carragher’s famous bone crushing tackles. A lad capable of a hard tackle and even has good vision. Good with the long ball, he opens up teams by switching the play. So Flanagan, don’t be knocked down by that minor setback, get back up and come up stronger!

Raul Meireles is another thing of interest in the Spurs encounter, even though he wasn’t even playing. It became evident that Liverpool were missing the services of their Portuguese midfielder and their ability going forward and their ability in a tackle in midfield was somewhat lacking against Tottenham.

To me, Meireles represents Gerrard, without the legendary status (yet), as he is capable of that amazing long ranged shot that his the back of the net and also of many a tackle in midfield. Liverpool were really missing Meireles out there, and I certainly hope he will be fit and raring to play next season.

Andy Carroll. Well, the 35 million pounds hasn’t exactly hit the papers too often has he? Only his double against Manchester City was significant of note, otherwise the Englishman has pretty, well, lost in his transition to Merseyside. Lacking in pace, ball control and simply lacking somewhat in technique, I’m starting to question the 35 million pounds we payed for the lad.

True, he’s young, but I would like to ask this question, why would you sign a replacement for Fernando Torres (supposedly as emergency) whom is injured. One thing I would like to say is in fact couldn’t we just buy him in the summer? His stock would have dropped from being on the sidelines and we would have more time to buy the winger that he so desperately needs.

Aah, questions. So leave you thoughts in the comment section below!

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