The Newspaper Transfer Gossip

So guys check it out, it’s May 17th and it’s another edition of our transfer gossip column! I’m excited for this guys, you guys ready for the weird and wonderful news?

Woo, so let’s begin.

Scotty Parker to the Emirates?

Apparently our man here Parker is wanted by Arsene Wenger in the summer, and with West Ham doomed for the Championship next season, this one doesn’t seem that far off. The Independent have reported this rumour and have made this their back page lead and they are certainly leaving their reputation on the line here.

According to the newspaper:

[Parker is] a key target for Arsène Wenger this summer, with the Arsenal manager finally prepared to break his self-imposed restriction on signing older players to long-term contracts

The Independent

Apparently, a deal worth 6 million pounds would be enough to take the Englishman away from West Ham. Wait, since it’s Arsene Wenger, I guess it’s 6 million pounds stopping the Englishman moving away from West Ham to move to Arsenal. Arsenal won’t bear to lose 6 million pounds, personally to me, it’s almost unheard off, I would keep an eye out on this though.

Miroslav Klose to Spurs?

Well, Klose isn’t getting any younger, but various sources have reported that Tottenham are monitoring his contract situation at Bayern Munich, as he is out of a contract in the summer.

Although 32, he’ll offer a lot to the Spurs strike department, being a prolific striker.

Reina to Stay A Red

Another crucial ‘signing’ for Liverpool FC for the summer, as Reina will stay a red through to next year. He spoke of Liverpool’s exciting project as he spoke to The Sun:

I never felt I had to leave because I wanted to believe in the project but the situation was not nice and the mood around the place was not good.

Fortunately that is not the case any more and we are prepared to take the next step forward and that is where we have to look now.

I am happy here and my family really wanted to stay because we are happy.

Pepe Reina, Speaking to The Sun

So that’s all for today folks, come back tomorrow for more!


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