My Thoughts: Liverpool 0-2 Tottenham

Today I shall start with a simply question: Do we really need the Europa League. To me it’s Champions League or no Europe at all.

I might think that, but it was still a poor performance from the boys in red today as they simply didn’t make enough in the final 3rd. I personally think that Sandro had a magnificent game for the Spurs today, as he was the man who cut out all the crucial balls and called a halt to Liverpool’s march towards Cudicini.

And the thing is this match performance was a far cry from that of their 5-2 demolition of Fulham. I guess the difference is the style of play. Against Fulham, Liverpool’s attackers managed to get behind their defenders on numerous occasions with them playing a high defensive line, whilst Tottenham were playing a low defensive line, meaning that Liverpool had a tougher time breaking their defence.

I guess there is a lesson here, Sandro was indeed one who ruined the link between the midfield and the attack today and Liverpool simply needed to be more creative in that final 3rd.

Suarez was hugely energetic today but for me, he seemed to lack a bit in his final pass or shot today. He took balls in well, first touches were good, he got away from defenders, but I simply think that he was a little bit off with his passing and shooting today. But still, there was still a missing link between the likes of Suarez and Andy Carroll today, I think what we were really missing was our Raul Meireles, whom was out through injury for the encounter at Anfield.

Flanagan, well, I guess I can simply say just a little unlucky, as his ‘push’ on Rose (I believe) wasn’t exactly deserving of a penalty and Tottenham’s second goal. Keep your head up and continue improving, gonna be among the legends like Gerrard and Carra in a few years time.

Another thing here for you guys to note, this was in fact Kenny Dalglish’s first match in charge of Liverpool as permanent manager. Well, not the best of starts but with a few more signings, I believe it’s a squad that can challenge the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea next season.

And back to the original topic: the Europa League. Well, I’m personally not a fan of the Europa League, one thing I dislike is perhaps the unfair distribution of money in the Europa League. It has a rather odd way of sharing the money, with the smaller clubs getting the equal amount of income as the bigger clubs.

The result means that Tottenham leap frog Liverpool in the table as they are now in 5th place with 59 points and Liverpool are on 58. Both have played an equal amount of games, so it seems to rest with Tottenham now, who qualifies for the Europa League.

I’m actually pretty pissed off as of now as well, been watching the game through a pretty rubbish live stream. Morale of the day: Don’t use live streams to watch football games.

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