Irony: Michael Owen, Premier League Winner

Well, this post is going to be about Manchester United’s 19th title and about Michael Owen getting a winner’s medal in specific

How ironic could it be, one of our home grown ‘local legends’ (at least until he joined Manchester United), has collected a Premier League winner’s medal with Manchester United faster than Liverpool have collected a single title over the past 19 years now. I’m a Liverpool fan myself (if it wasn’t obvious enough) and I believe that it’s way too long and it’s finally time that we will stamp our mark on the Premier League.

One thing that won’t move us forward, I afraid is Andy Carroll at this rate, he simply holds up our play for too long, his dribbling ain’t exactly the greatest and well, he simply bundles over a bit too easily. I personally don’t see him as a man who can take Liverpool FC forward. Compare him with strikers of the top clubs, Barcelona with Villa, Manchester United with Hernandez and Rooney, and Real Madrid with Higuain. The difference here is simply that good clubs don’t need tall, towering men to head the ball into the back of the net, we have defenders for that as well. What Liverpool need is more of a Milito or Cavani.

Manchester United’s 19th title was, as I honestly put it, deservingly won, Arsenal simply didn’t have the stamina, and Chelsea, they simply at some points in the season didn’t have enough dept, and that’s the reason why they really struggled in the mid-season. When Drogba got diagnosed with malaria, it was crisis mode at Stamford Bridge and it really put paid to their title ambitions.

And Manchester United, they won it with true grit and they certainly had the will to win the BPL this season. Hernandez was perhaps the lucky star for the Red Devils, apparently from what I heard, he was 4th or 5th in the pecking order when he first came. Only imagination would be able to help us even wonder how different Manchester United’s season could have been without their ‘Little Pea’.

Well Played, but we’re coming back for the 19.

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