Let’s Rejoice After A Wonderful Season

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In light of the two Manchester teams winning trophies over Saturday, I’m viewing football, on the lighter side.

Let’s Rejoice in this football Game

It’s another wonderful season gone and after all the twists and turns we finally have Manchester United crowned as the Premier League champions. And well, all the other leagues have also found deserving winners in AC Milan, Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund.

And it’s now a time for the banter to continue into the new season, whether you be a Liverpool fan like myself, or a Chelsea fan, or even an Arsenal or Manchester United fan, you’ve got to admit that it has been another fantastic season of football, whichever league or team you’ve been following.

Kudos to the Red Devils

Well, I’ve been taunting a Red Devil or two in my previous few years, and well, it’s time to switch to being on the defensive side of it and I respect that, but in my defence (yes, already) , we’re coming back for the 19.

A good season by them that has seen another team who has had a good season, Barcelona, in the Champions League final, in a titanic ‘Battle of the Champions’ of the two biggest leagues in the world.

Season of Transfers!

It’s the season of transfers as team are seeking players who can improve their squads, along with in some cases recouping money on unnecessary players at the club. Whether it be good or bad for you teams, we simply have to wait and see, but I certainly hope that the extra excitement of the transfer window is still there, remember Fernando Torres’ recent transfer saga?

Excitement. Interesting.

One that I would want to watch is how Chelsea conduct their business over the coming transfer window. Apparently, they have an 80 million pound transfer kitty and I really want to see who they bring in in the summer.

Season of Recovery!

Summer also gives players time to recuperate from injuries, meaning all the stars will be well rested for the season ahead. As a Liverpool fan, personally I am very excited to see how Gerrard returns from his groin injury.

I’m very sure that fans out there will also be hoping to see their favourite players return from injury and back to form following their injuries.

Pre-season, rest time, all of this can only help an injured players’ cause and their fitness can only improve over the cause of the summer.

An El Clasico can be measured in red cards, goals and perhaps even possession and dominance, but what always comes out of them is the injuries. So let’s hope that Abidal and Puyol will be back to their best for them.

Things To Celebrate This Season

‘Wazza’s’ Bicycle Kick

It takes guts to take a bicycle kick when you play in the Premier League, even more so if you attempt it for Manchester United, and the most so if it is a derby that is worthy to be the best in the year. I’m a Liverpool fan, and I’m absolutely in awe.

Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo

This two are simply machines. Both now in the La Liga, so well, the comparison can now be made easier. Both incredible dribblers, shooters and basically masters of the game. If you guys would like to know, Ronaldo is currently 5 up on Messi, whom has 52 goals. But still, you have to take into account how many penalties that Ronaldo has stepped up and taken this season compared to Messi’s numbers.

Along with that, Messi has been all about the dribbling and the shooting, Ronaldo takes a TON more shots than Messi, and that’s perhaps why he’s ahead, kudos to Ronaldo though.

Borussia Dortmund’s Victory!

Not many exactly follow the German Bundesliga, but Borussia Dortmund absolutely owned teams from all over Germany with their fresh new team featuring the likes of Kagawa, Sahin and youngster Goetze.

A quality team and I would love to see how they progress into next season. The next Bayern Munich, anyone?

Let’s just hope that next season’s as good as this one!

Images courtesy of http://thelittlefootballthings.tumblr.com/ , Reuters and Nike.

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