Congratulations Red Devils

Well as a loyal Liverpool fan, I hate to say this but Manchester United have emerged champions of the Barclays Premier League this season. Not only that, they’ve actually overtook Liverpool FC in the record books to become the team that have been crowned champions of England for the most times in history – Manchester United have been champions of England for an unprecedented 19 times.

So things didn’t pretty much went Liverpool’s way. I will not complain as a matter of fact I’m going to congratulate The Red Devils. Congratulations, Manchester United. Because it doesn’t matter how you guys did it, the fact is you guys did it. Sir Alex Ferguson said that he was able to knock Liverpool off their perch, and is able to keep his word till 2011 and finally knocking Liverpool off their perch. I know Manchester United are still my host hated team on this planet, but I think the people will agree with me that after you guys’ showing of persistence and never-give-up spirit, you guys’ have earned all of our respect.

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