3 and a Half Minutes Left On Our Perch

If it continues like this, Liverpool FC will have 3 and a half minute on their perch

The Commentator, Blackburn Rovers 1-1 Manchester United, 87th minute

(DISCLAIMER: No animals, parents or girlfriends were killed/wounded in my Saturday night)

Well, here’s my Saturday rant, as you guys expected on Manchester United officially clinching their 19th first division title. I never really wanted this day to come, but I guess it really has succumbed to this.

Blackburn 1-0 Manchester United

Crazy screaming from my place, probably the neighbours heard me from about 5 blocks down, celebrating like a madman. For 30+ minutes I actually thought that the impossible was actually possible and Chelsea could actually snatch the title from Manchester United in a last ditch attempt.

Brett Emerton was like a ray of hope to Liverpool fans all round, and well, it kept us happy for around 30 minutes.

Blackburn 1-1 Manchester United

Let the madness begin. It’s not wise to tell Liverpool fans that Manchester United have overtaken their Premier League record. (and don’t you guys come telling me that Liverpool didn’t exactly win the Premier League)

Once again, my neighbourhood roared to life, and by that I mean just because of me. I’m pretty sure my neighbours were quite bothered by my cussing, lambasting and simply my anger towards Manchester United edging closer to the title.

Probably accidentally broke a pen along the way. Paul Robinson, can you seriously tell me what you were doing? Yes, I understand you were doing a ‘Robinson’, but why did you have to do it NOW.

lkdslkfdlksdfs Pissed off.

We’ll be back for the record

Well, hats off to you guys for ‘knocking us off our perch’, but we’ll be back next season, with a potent strikeforce (need I remind you guys of Luis Suarez’s destruction of Manchester United?) and a younger squad, we’ll only improve with time.

We’re coming back for the 19. YNWA

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