Assessed: Flanagan and Robinson [Video]

Liverpool’s meteoric rise from being in the bottom half of the table has been helped mostly by Kenny Dalglish and his promotion of this fullback duo.

Thanks to Dalglish, now we have two pretty technically able youngsters whom are able to take on the biggest teams, as the duo showed when they paired up to play against Arsenal at the Emirates.

Flanagan has now established himself as part of the Starting XI nowadays with Jack Robinson only playing second fiddle to right back Glen Johnson, whom has adapted his play to suit racing down the wings on the left side of Liverpool’s wings. Well, we really didn’t see this coming, the way that the youngster handled his debut game against Manchester City with such maturity was amazing to watch as his confidence grew as the game progressed.

He has certainly flourished and has sort of taken the ‘Martin Kelly’ role, at least for the time being at Anfield. His long passing is great, and his dribbling does seem pretty secure as well, so he could certainly go far under Dalglish’s guidance. But the question might actually remain, on who will keep the right back spot once Martin Kelly returns from injury. It remains a question if Flanagan has showed enough to be handed with a first team berth with Liverpool FC.

Along with that, there is also a question over whether Dalglish will actually go out and sign a left back in the summer. Indeed they have several left backs at their disposal now in Robinson, Aurelio, Johnson (when switched), and even the loaned out players in Insua and Konchesky (don’t exactly want him to play there though). So will Dalglish opt to ship out his ‘fringe’ players or will he simply keep them and not buy an additional left back. Either way I like it, because if he spends then we get a quality left back and if we don’t, our young left backs like Robinson and Insua will have the game time to develop and hone their skills in the game.

YNWA. We’re taking back Nineteen.


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