Heroes and Zeros This Week


Well, sorry about getting this post up late guys, but as I have told a few, I have been working on a feature on Two Liverpool Fans, the weekly edition of ‘Heroes and Zeros’

The Heroes

Luis Suarez

Once again, the Uruguayan showed why Kenny Dalglish forked out over 20 million pounds for his services, to be honest he even looks like a bargain now! Especially when compared to the “50 million pound man” Fernando Torres.

He destroyed Fulham and laid up several chances and he certainly deserved the goal he got for his work. Hardworking and he certainly brings new flair to the Liverpool FC side.

What a player.

Chicharito and Park JS

Well, it’s been coming and Manchester United have finally all but won the Barclays Premier League. And it’s the ‘little pea’ and Ji Sung who sealed it. Hernandez deserves to be here for opening up the scoring after such a short time.

And Park, what can I say? He dominated the middle of the ball park. He made crucial tackles, he made great passes and along with that he had several chances of his own.


Well, the La Liga has already been won by Barca, but Ronaldo is making a case for himself and is now even with Messi in thr chase for the golden boot.



Huerelo Gomes
Well, can you tell me of a keeper who saves a penalty and then gives another away 30 seconds later? Well, Gomes had a shocker (again) and Tottenham’s dropped points were due to his undoing.


Well, it looks like the Italian has lost his job,but perhaps it was his own undoing. I simply think that he got his tactics wrong, and I think the reason behind that is because he underestimated Ji Sung. Looks like some time on the sidelines.


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