BREAKING: Dalglish Deal Extended

Are the glory days back for the red half of Merseyside?

Although Liverpool FC need to fix a few positional problems with the left back and the wingers position being sometimes problematic and in some matches having a lack of dept, the most important signing for Liverpool needs to be to secure Kenny Dalglish on the longer term and they have, for 3 more years. So here’s why he is needed at Anfield.

He Keeps Morale Up

One of the good things that Kenny Dalglish indeed brings to Liverpool FC is character and good morale. Have you seen a game at Anfield recently? The energy nowadays is absolutely electric and Liverpool know that they are getting places. Not only that but the spirit has been absolutely amazing by the boys in red.

Look at the players who have stepped up to the plate, Maxi Rodriguez, Lucas Leiva and Raul Meireles have been flourishing under Kenny Dalglish, and along with that, he’s brought up some academy boys. Look at the likes of John Flanagan, Jack Robinson and especially our very own Jay Spearing. All of them have stepped up to the plate when they were given the chance. And it’s about time that the glory days have returned to Liverpool.

He Knows About The Market

Just look at Luis Suarez now, phenomenal signing and fits the ill nearly exactly to fill the void left by Fernando Torres almost immediately. Although it will certainly be interesting to watch how Comolli and him will progress as a team



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