Title Contenders To No Europa League Spot: Tottenham

Well, to me it’s a bit surprising considering Tottenham’s drop off the table, they emerged as title contenders early on, but now it seems that they can’t even get a Europa League spot.

Is it the Injuries?

Well, the first question about Tottenham’s ‘stamina’ in the title race is simply whether they have enough dept in their  squad. Looking at the team, it looks quite weak with injuries to regular absentee Gareth Bale, Palacios’ knee troubles along with Modric and Gallas’ regular time on the treatment table.

The long season has certainly taken a toll on the Spurs players and now more and more injuries are kicking in for Harry Redknapp to handle, with Gareth Bale’s injury against Blackpool ending his season early perhaps being the epitome of their troubles.

Tottenham: Opposite of Liverpool FC

Surely Tottenham remind you of the opposite of Liverpool FC’s season, no? You can see it as this way, Tottenham went off the blocks pretty quickly, well you can see the tables for yourselves!

Well, so that’s been Tottenham’s story in figures, but who have been the main people of Tottenham’s season?

The Heroes And Villains For Tottenham This Season

Gareth Bale (Hero)

Well, indeed I think that he was immediately being overrated the moment he was brought comparisons to Barcelona’s very own Lionel Messi, because the fact is that Messi is simply a different class.

But this isn’t exactly what I intended, as I actually want to praise Gareth Bale for his season. He has indeed had a wonderful season down the left flank for Tottenham so he is indeed a hero for the Spurs this season.

Rafael Van der Vaart (Hero)

VdV has a pretty up and down season, because indeed he does restrict Tottenham’s formation and he has had his fair share of injury troubles but Van der Vaart has brought goals and assists aplenty for the Spurs this season.

Look at the facts, he is indeed an effective player.

Huerelo Gomes (Villain)

Only one player makes my list as he has dropped so many points for Tottenham this season. I personally think that putting a kid that you have randomly picked from a primary school would be better than this fumbling ‘jelly hands’.

Who can forget the mistakes? Especially the most recent one being against Chelsea. First reason, they were trying to go for the Champions League, you can’t drop points. And the second reason simply being that it’s a derby.

So that’s all from me.


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