The May 11 Transfer Gossip

Well, so it’s still a working or otherwise a school day for kids, but transfer activity is still there, so let me get straight to it!

Diarra, Real Madrid to Arsenal FC

Well, here’s a piece of gossip from the newspaper, The Daily Mirror and over here it claims that Arsenal are apparently:

being offered the chance to re-sign Lassana Diarra from Real Madrid – three years after flogging him to Portsmouth.

The Daily Mirror

Well, apparently he is unhappy with the lack of playing time at the Bernabau and is intent on moving on to greener pastures. Well, he is apparently available for quite a hefty price of 12 million pounds, probably one of the figures that Wenger has not dealt with, considering his distaste at signing expensive players.

He would bring the sense of no-nonsense football to Arsenal, well perhaps something that Patrick Viera brought to Arsenal in his time, although I simply can’t imagine the fast pace passing suddenly reaching Diarra, I would personally guess that it would break down the Arsenal play even more!

Ashley Young (and Stewart Downing), Aston Villa to Liverpool FC

Well, The Times, Sun, Mirror, Telegraph and Guardian have all ran stories about Young moving to Liverpool FC today morning, with all of them having different takes on the potential deal.

Well, here’s what the newspaper, Guardian had to say:

United and Liverpool are vying for Young’s services but the prospect of a significant increase on his £65,000-a-week Villa salary at Anfield, plus more regular first-team football than he may receive at Old Trafford, is understood to have tilted the contest in Dalglish’s favour.

And here’s what The Times had to say:

Liverpool are keen to sign two top-class wide players during the next transfer window

Well, I doubt that 4 top British newspapers would seriously get their story wrong, and on the same morning, so it will certainly be interesting to watch this one. But one thing’s for certain, Young is in fact convinced that he will get more playing time with Liverpool FC.


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