Fernando Torres: Simply The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time?

Well, Fernando Torres’ career has been full of lots of ups and downs, but this will certainly astound you, because of his lack of silverware at these clubs.

Honours with Atletico Madrid

Segunda División (Spanish Second Division): 2001–02


Well, having one trophy with Atletico Madrid pretty much says it all, and in all due respect I do indeed respect his move to Liverpool FC, as I’m pretty sure that he wasn’t satisfied with winning the Segunda Division of all trophies. Well, I guess there’s nothing much to look at here, so let’s get straight to the trophies that Atletico have won since ‘El Nino’ left.

The Atletico Madrid after Fernando Torres

UEFA Cup Champions, 2007-08

Well, probably a trophy that Fernando Torres wanted to win, but well, I guess that’s what he got for his impatience with the lack of silverware that could be found in Spain. So let’s move on to Liverpool FC

Pre-Fernando Torres Liverpool FC

FA Cup Champions, 2006
Champions League Champions 2005

Fernando Torres at Liverpool FC

Well, in the summer of 2007, many of Liverpool FC fans were optimistic about their chances, with the reason being that they had a strong forward amongst their ranks now. Fernando Torres indeed helped Liverpool get their highest placing that Liverpool FC have ever gotten, but he didn’t manage to win ANYTHING at Liverpool.

Post-Fernando Torres Liverpool FC

Well, since Liverpool FC got kicked out of literally every cup before Fernando Torres’ departure I guess it would be unfair to measure in terms of silverware. But Luis Suarez has done well to more than fill the boots of the Spaniard and Liverpool FC seem challengers for the title next season. Time for Chelsea!

Pre-Fernando Torres Chelsea FC

Premier League Champions 2009-10
Champions League Runners Up 2007-08

And not to mention, Chelsea FC were indeed 50 million pounds richer before they signed Fernando Torres.

Fernando Torres at Chelsea FC

Well, the word ‘flop’ probably sums up his time at Chelsea, with him failing to produce convincing performances. Well, Chelsea are set to win nothing this season and I guess that’s the curse continued for Fernando Torres.


Well, if not for his blood being Spanish (especially since he did nothing to help Spain’s cause), he would pretty much have no major trophies to show for his long career so far. I mean it would seem pretty sad if you only had a ‘Segunda Division Champions’ on your Domestic Titles page for your Wikipedia wouldn’t it?


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