The Arsenal Transfer Gossip

Well, today’s gossip column is back and today there seems to be a lot of activity on the transfer market, so let’s get straight to it!

Nasri to Stay at The Emirates

Well, Samir Nasri’s agent has come out with a statement and claims that Nasri is committed to continuing his career with the Gunners. Read it yourself,

The interest from Juventus and Inter Milan? There is nothing with them. There is no break with Arsenal, in fact, we start over negotiations for the extension of the contract which currently expires in 2012.

His Agent Told

Well, but you sometimes admit that the agents do it all the time, so well, it’s hard to tell, and with his contract not yet sorted out yet, anything’s a possibility, but don’t rule out it ending up either way…..

But Bendtner Is To Go to the Nou Camp

I need to have a talk with him because I’m not satisfied with playing on the right wing, which I’ve done more or less all season long.

I’m concentrating on getting the Champions League place, then we’ll do the evaluation at the end of the season.

Bendtner speaking to The Sun about his future

Well, so it looks like Arsenal’s ‘superstar’ striker is set for a summer departure, but to where you might ask, well it seems that you can get the answer from him,

Is it a free choice? If so, I choose Barcelona. It would be a dream to play with Xavi and Iniesta.

Bendtner Speaking about his dream move

It’s the dream fantasy football attacking lineup, isn’t it, Bendtner-Villa-Messi.

Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool FC Target Moves To Real Madrid

Click here for the full article

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