The Season That Could Have Been For Arsenal

Well, if there was an easier season for Arsenal to win the Premier League, I just think that Stoke City might pip them to the title, and that is if Nottingham Forest is the only other team in the league

1-0 to the Rugby Team

That chorus rang around the whole Britannia Stadium, well, for my full take on that crazy match with so much to criticize click here for my full rant.

Is It Problems in The Transfer Department?

Well, what Arsenal need to do is spend wisely, not spend crazily. But the question is, is what Arsene Wenger currently doing wrong in any way? You can’t exactly blame him for saving up for the future, it is in fact a wonderful blueprint for success, but I guess, somewhere along the lines it just hasn’t worked out.

I personally think, as a neutral, that it’s not because the players he buy aren’t good, you look at the signings before you have watched them play, Chamakh and Squilacci were both quality players at their former clubs. It’s more about the productivity of the players who were brought in, whether it be not up to scratch or simply not able to play in the biggest league in the world.

And To Fix The Problems?

I think what Arsenal need is a breath of fresh air in the managerial department, for too long Arsene Wenger has been taking the blame for his players, not for once criticizing his players’ performances and chances.

I think what Arsenal have is a ‘Rafa Benitez’ situation. Yes, I am referring to Benitez in this situation because in some ways it is true. Forget Wenger’s legacy, just look at what has happened recently, doesn’t that remind you of Benitez’s final 2 years at Liverpool FC?

The slumps, taking the blame for players, the big game victories yet the losses against relatively smaller sides? I think what Arsenal need is their version of a Kenny Dalglish because he could really shake things up at the Emirates.


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