Stoke 3 Arsenal 1: Where the Hell Did That Come From?

Against a side that should really be considerably easy to beat, the Gunners were simply didn’t know how to get past a steady Stoke defence

1-0 To The Rugby Side (Stoke City)

Well, that was what was said when Stoke City fans were singing all over the Brittania when they opened the scoring, doesn’t that simply say something? That a rough tackling football team can manage to break down Arsenal’s defence in fairly simple moves and Arsenal have to spend hours trying to unlock defences with their endless passing.

Arsenal simply haven’t made enough chances

The Commentator Speaking on the 77th minute

Simply not a Premier League winning team

Well, if you simply look at how Arsenal have played today, it has been absolutely unproductive to say the least. Well, lots of control, I have to say but even in a neutral’s point of view, Arsenal had barely anything to offer beyond 25 yards of Begovic throughout the entire game.

If only they could produce performances such as that of against Manchester United last week, as a similar performance could have even propelled them to potential challengers of the BPL title (once again), but they were simply not up to scratch.

They Are Not Even Focusing on the Prem!

You’ve got to consider this fact, even Stoke City are looking more likely to win a trophy, the FA Cup, that you have to concede. It’s in 6 days. So tell me how perhaps this mix of second and first choice Stoke team managed to even have a chance against Arsenal.

Stoke City, I am very sure are actually keeping their eye wider open upon their FA Cup final against Manchester City come next week. It’s not a better team, it’s simply better character from Stoke, I’ve got to say.

The Manchester United win showed what they CAN do

The Commentator

Well, couldn’t have put it better myself, as Arsenal can be brilliant one week yet mediocre in the next.

Jack Wilshere: The Only Passionate Arsenal Player Out There

Brilliant footballer, he’s just got to control himself

The Commentator, speaking about Jack Wilshere

Jack Wilshere has the passion, he’s just got to somehow spread some of that to his teammates for next season. Simply look at his tackles throughout the match. The kid’s got determination, no doubt, just got to control his temper a bit.

Begovic vs Van Persie

Listen to those names, I’m pretty sure if you asked the whole world who they have heard more, I’m pretty sure Van Persie will gets 3 times the size of Begovic’s vote. And it’s not because he’s been an all time legend like Henry or somebody.

Just look at several instances in the game. Van Persie’s early chance, the one where he skied, a battle won by the Stoke keeper to keep Van Persie’s morale down. Alongside that, Begovic potentially produced a save of the season contender, with Van Persie 6 yards out, Begovic made a magnificent save, and basically Van Persie had a pretty dismal game throughout, well, a captain can only do that much.

Apart from the goal that he conceded on the 80th minute, Begovic and the Stoke defence did quite well to keep the Dutchman quiet.

The Arsenal Team:

Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Djourou, Gibbs, Song, Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott, Arshavin, Van Persie

You seriously can’t go to me and tell me that this Arsenal team is not better than Stoke’s first XI. This is Arsenal football club for crying out loud. Although I am a Liverpool FC fan, I have to admit that Arsenal’s team is way better.

Seriously, look and the 3rd and 4th scorers in this game. Van Persie being the 3rd and Walters being the 4th. Any one heard of Stoke’s number 19, folks?

The Better Manager: Tony Pulis

Is there seriously a better way to symbolize Stoke City’s defensive bite along with their rise up from the Championship? Tony Pulis deserves more credit than he gets, and I salute him here, especially comparing to Arsene Wenger.

He won the tactical battle, knowing that he had to cut out all of Arsenal’s passing in the box. Well, perhaps what Arsenal had to do instead was to dribble, like how they earned their solitary goal.

Don’t Tell Me Wenger Still Believes

Well, I personally won’t be surprised should Wenger come out in his post match conference claiming that his side still have a chance. Although I am in some ways not surprised should he actually say that.


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