Suarez, Where Have You Been All This Time?

Well, after the January transfer window, the prospects at Liverpool FC looked a little, bleak, but Luis Suarez has proven his price tag and made himself a fan favourite.

It Took 16 Minutes

Luis Suarez took a mere 16 minutes after he came off the bench before he opened his account for Liverpool FC. A goal that signified a whole lot more to come from the Uruguayan. He rounded the goalkeeper and then finished with a rather scoffed but assured shot, although enough to help it bundle over the line.

Kuyt and Suarez

Well, the intentional partnership was supposed to be Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez up front, but I think he’s better up there with the Dutchman in Liverpool’s hardworking Dirk Kuyt. One’s got the pace, the skill and the other a lot of energy and not giving up anything. This was especially emphasized against Manchester United, 3 goals of Kuyt all somewhat set up by Luis Suarez himself.

He’s not just about goals

Well, the thing about Suarez is that he is also not just about the goals, he is about the technique, he is about the passing. But when he DOES have a chance, he takes it. Take his one on one against Newcastle, well, that took a cool head. And who could forget his goal against Sunderland, impossible angle, where is he going? It’s in the back of the net.

It’s just the beginning of the new Liverpool dynasty



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3 responses to “Suarez, Where Have You Been All This Time?

  1. Liverpool Dynasty it is YNWA!!

  2. Abdulahi kehinde

    Suarez he’s not suppost to work with corroll because carroll is not gud anove it is better suarez to work with kuyt. I love suarez with kuyt.

  3. I hope next season he continues this superb form. He’s been a breath of fresh air for Liverpool. It’ll be interesting to see how he reacts to a dip in form. He lost the plot a few times in Holland before he finally made the move to the PL, so I’m sure he’ll light the league up with his off the wall antics.

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