Chelsea 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur: A Neutral’s View

Chelsea defeated Tottenham at the Bridge yesterday to keep their title hopes alive and perhaps to heap some pressure on the Red Devils, so here’s my take on the match

Thoughts From The Game:

Photo Courtesy of Reuters

Fernando Torres is an impact player
It seems to me that Fernando Torres just might be better coming off the bench, as he was looking promising and exciting in the earlier exchanges before he faded away and wasn’t much of a threat anymore. I think he would be better if he were to come off the bench at something like the 60 minute mark to punish defenders, perhaps similar to what Kalou did yesterday.

Sandro: Class

Well, we didn’t know this Brazilian until just about a month ago, where he absolutely overwhelmed AC Milan at White Hart Lane. Sandro proved that he had a ferocious shot in his attacking arsenal after unleashing an amazing volley from outside the box and leaving Cech with no chance of saving it. Sandro could be absolutely class.

Oops, he's done it again

Goal Line Technology, Where is It?

Ooh, the irony of it all, as Lampard’s goal was ruled to have crossed the line following Gomes’ blunder. As replays showed it was in fact, NOT over the line, as it was still touching the line. But remember South Africa? Where Lampard had a goal which crossed the line, but that was ruled as not a goal, give me a single good reason why Blatter should stay as FIFA Chairman, seriously.

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