Arsenal Sign (Another) Youngster From Barca

Jon Miquel Toral Harper, remember the name, as he is the latest La Masia graduate to swap the Barcelona jersey for an Arsenal jersey.

Apparently, Arsene Wenger just can’t get enough of the youngsters at Barcelona as he has managed to pries away another startlet from Catalunya. But for Barcelona’s troubles, they will in fact be paid €500,000 in compensation to allow the transfer to go true.

The Barcelona chiefs are certainly not impressed with Arsenal’s actions as they have gone on to do what they have done in similar fashion to the transfer of Cesc Fabregas and Fran Merida.

Aged just 16 years old, he is a prospect to look out for, a midfielder whom has both English and Spanish origins, Barcelona are extremely unhappy with the transfer, with the transfer set to go through around July this year. Arsene Wenger is also reportedly close to sign Toral’s midfield partner Sergi Samper from Barcelona.

We explained to the board of directors at Arsenal that we knew that they wanted to buy him and that we did not like it. I said what any president would have said. For us, it is very important to maintain a group of boys who grow together, and not allow clubs with money to take them away at the age of 16. We told them that it was a little immoral.

Sandro Rossell

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