Player We Want @Liverpool: Fabio Coentrao

In our third episode of ‘Players we want’, we look into the talents of Benfica’s very own Fabio Coentrao

Fabio Coentrao (23 Years Old)
Club: Benfica
Value: 16 million pounds

A player that you guys, the fan have voted among the top 3 is Fabio Coentrao, as he finished third in the poll behind Eden Hazard and Ashley Young. Both a left back and a left midfielder, he provides a ‘two in one’ solution to Liverool FC’s problems.

Look at it this way, we need a left midfielder quite badly right now, one to cross in the ball into the box for Carroll to head it, alongside the left of midfielder, he also brings in an extra dimension in Liverpool’s left back position, to help Jack Robinson and to play in that position should any injury problems arise.

If You’re Still Not Convinced…


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One response to “Player We Want @Liverpool: Fabio Coentrao

  1. Abdulahi kehinde

    It’s very good to ve a left back like fabio coentrao to help carroll to cross the ball

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