Is Fabregas Torres in Disguise?

In light of Arsenal’s ‘accepted’ bid of 35 million pounds for Fabregas, Two Liverpool Fans sees many similarities in the two should the pending move go through

Photo Courtesy of Reuters

Fernando Torres (British Transfer Fee Record Holder)
Used to be valued 50 million pounds
1 goal in 10 appearances in the Premier League (14 including other cup fixtures)

He certainly hasn’t lighted the league alight, but he might certainly get that chance next year, as Fernando Torres will be fully rested for the new season, but that’s still just a maybe. Who knows? He could keep that dodgy form for the rest of his career, who knows?

Formerly one of the most feared strikers in the World, only to be reduced to an absolute laughing stock at Stamford Bridge. And fact is, he hasn’t had too much trouble breaking into the team, with Anelka and Drogba not exactly ripping up nets right now.

And Liverpool? Well, they’ve signed a Suarez capable of scoring many goals and a striker partner in Andy Carroll, whom looks like the perfect candidate to play alongside the Uruguayan. In truth, Liverpool’s form turned when they sold Fernando Torres.

To move to Barcelona

Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal’s Future Biggest Departure)
Valued at 35 million pounds

This move will certainly damage Arsenal on the short term, but I think that they will certainly come out more on the positive side, especially compared to Barcelona when this move is officially finalized.

Barcelona boast midfield talents such as Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta and even the young Sergio Busquets has been turning heads since last season. It is a bit difficult to see where Fabregas fits into an already ‘perfect’ midfield, with Mascherano having a pot at it and never really settling at the Nou Camp.

Basically, it seems as though this move will probably not be the smartest move Barcelona have made in a while, as signing him would eventually result in selection headaches to come.

Arsenal will be able to buy loads more (if they intend to) with that 35 million pounds. And Barcelona will instead get an often half fit midfielder in return. In the long term, Arsenal will be the benefactor of this move.


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