The Bits And Blobs Transfer Gossip

A few bits and blobs from the world of football today morning, as teams are still discussing what potential moves they should make in the summer

Gareth Bale to Chelsea FC

A piece here that was run by both the Daily Express and The Sun, with Abramovic apparently prepared to splash out 40 million pounds for the Welsh speedster. There is an extra desire for the Welshman to play in the Champions League despite just signing a new contract with Tottenham last month.

Apparently Chelsea FC could go all out and offer him a 150,000 pounds a week deal that would take him to Stamford Bridge.

Wesley Sneijder to Manchester United

Sneijder has crossed out the potential move to Manchester United this week after he came out and made a statement saying:

Do I want to go to United? It’s a beautiful club, but I’m fine in Milan and not at the point to think about it


Well, so the Dutchman WON’T be moving to Manchester United in the summer then, what do you know about that?

Joe Cole To Be Dumped

Well, pretty much just the the obvious news from The Sun this morning claiming that Joe Cole will be dumped (quoted the Sun) in the summer. Tell us something we don’t know.

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