Wayne Rooney+Twitter=Controversy

Wayne Rooney, certainly one for speaking out his opinion. And I already see a fine from the FA in the near future

The hot headed Manchester United striker has officially joined Twitter to join the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Jack Wilshere and Cristiano Ronaldo on the social networking site.

Already garnering a total of almost 180,000 Twitter followers, whatever he tweets will most certainly be heard almost immediately. But I wonder whether he will tweet his frustrations on games here and blaming the referees, etc.

Jack Wilshere and even former Liverpool FC man Ryan Babel have been reprimanded on multiple occasions for being a bit too ‘outspoken’ about matches.

But he seems very conservative as of now, tweeting his admiration for Javier Hernandez, and mentioning that he has been the ‘buy of the century’, although Bulgarian striker Dimitar Berbatov might not exactly agree with that.

What will Rooney get up to on Twitter? Write your thoughts!

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