No Discussion, Wenger Won’t Spend?

With new American owner Stan Kroenke, you would certainly expect new signings, no? Right.. I just remembered that Arsenal have Arsene Wenger as manager

It’s been a case for quite a while, Wenger is still reluctant to let go of his cash for success, the question really is, Why? They indeed have money to spend, they indeed have targets aplenty, why do they always seem to buy the likes of Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey.

Yes, I agree, he signs players and makes them quality, but they still aren’t up to the top standard. Let me bring up a few names, Eboue, Song, Squilacci (he shouldn’t even be in this list but he was signed) and even Chamakh at times. True Chamakh came free, but isn’t it better to splash something like 20 million like Liverpool did to sign Suarez?

No, I personally don’t think they should do something crazy like bid 40 million pounds for Fernando Torres or David Villa, I mean they should instead buy someone like Pazzini or Cassano, as they are both quality finishers.

But let me tell you this, don’t be surprised when you see Arsene Wenger ‘claim’ that he didn’t need to sign anyone because all of his loaned out players are back or even the possibility that he will sign Southampton ‘superstar’ Oxlade-Chamberlain

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  1. henry

    stan is american, not russian

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