Lucas Leiva: Criminally Underrated

I shall be the first to honestly say that I have booed when Lucas came on or when he had the ball. But this season, the Brazilian midfielder has really come to his own

Whether it be because of Mascherano’s departure from Liverpool or whether it be just a simple case of him stepping it up, Lucas has improved a whole lot this season. His passing is more precise, his tackling definitely more ferocious and he has been the midfield enforcer all season.

Steven Gerrard’s injury woes has even seemed to cause Lucas’ performances to go up, as it seems that he has been taking over the role of the tough tackling and the through passing for the reds.

Not a midfielder who scores that often, but a quality defensive minded midfielder who tracks back for Liverpool, with the Arsenal game being an obvious example. He tracked back to help Jack Robinson and John Flanagan to make the crucial tackles in the game.

So here’s a video of Lucas in action.



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3 responses to “Lucas Leiva: Criminally Underrated

  1. dave

    I’m sorry but no Liverpool fan should ever boo their players or their manager. the last few seasons have become annoying to watch but once they put the liver bird on their chest. they are a red and will get our support. no matter what.

  2. routeen

    I absolutely agree with you there, Dave

  3. routeen

    but it was just frustrating to watch at moments

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