Abramovic.. I Mean Ancelotti To Be Fired In The Summer

It’s been more of a case of the Russian owner taking charge and calling the shots this season, as it took a turn to the worse when it was revealed that he was negotiating a deal for Neymar behind the Italian’s back, now that really does say something.

To be honest, forget Abramovic’s millions, Chelsea FC will still be able to attract a better owner than the Oil Tycoon, reason being that Abramovic is experimenting all sorts of stuff with his ‘fantasy football team’ and putting it into play.

You definitely have to use the Spanish striker Fernando Torres as an example of this. I can nearly 100% guarantee you that the decision is not all, if not fully down to just Carlo Ancelotti. It is either Abramovic deciding to play him himself, or simply because Ancelotti doesn’t want to frustrate the owner.

But end of the day, we all know who’s going to be fired: Carlo Ancelotti. I will say he hasn’t done too bad a job at Chelsea, although it seems that he isn’t that much of a motivator, as I think that the Chelsea team that he has at his disposal can be a lot stronger.

Will Chelsea be able to win the title? That is definitely going down to several factors, whether they play Fernando Torres, and if they do, will he finally come back to form? And another question being will Ancelotti be around to help them win the league. Too many questions, but they will eventually be answered soon.

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