A Better Next Season For Liverpool.. (Hopefully)

Dalglish.... Hero

Well, I am going to start by plainly saying, it’s been an awfully long time since Liverpool FC have won a league title, I wasn’t actually born yet when they last won the league title.

I’m a 14 year old teenager, and I am personally tired of waiting for the success to come at Anfield. There have been countless false dawns in their recent history, from their triumph at Istanbul, to their 2nd place finish just a few years ago. But both of those successes certainly were not sustained.

But now the signs look bright, there’s an owner who looks willing to splash the cash for greatness at Anfield, and a wonderful ship captain in Kenny Dalglish to guide Liverpool to success. But the question really is, why haven’t they just offered him the long term deal that he wants, the Liverpool fans certainly want it.

He said this after his spat with Arsene Wenger in his post match conference:

I don’t know why a conversation between two managers on the bench is relevant after a game like that. It’s not worth the time of day

Now to me, that’s absolute class, and we need a gaffer like him on the long term. Not only that, but he has been praised for his methods in talking to the players as well, being a motivational figure.

The signs look bright for next season, they have the resources, I just hope that it will all not go to waste. But I end this post saying one thing, N’gog, Rodriguez, Cole, Konchesky and Poulsen must go in the summer, they aren’t the players that will take the club forward, although Maxi might have a case for himself.


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