Why Selling Fernando Torres Wouldn’t Benefit Chelsea

Another Disappointing Night

The Spaniard can be said to be Misfiring on all cylinders, with lacklustre recent displays for his London outfit. So it might surprise you to hear the title. Check out the reasons!

Little Money Back

Well, the obvious reason, my personal opinion is that it would be better to keep a potentially world class player among your ranks, rather than see that player moving on on the cheap and performing wonderfully at his future club. I mean, would you seriously rate Fernando Torres as 50 million anymore? More like 1 million, and at the rate he’s going, it will certainly go lower.

A ‘Younger’ Option

Well, Drogba and Anelka aren’t going to play football for that much longer, so it’s better to secure themselves, especially on the short term should they choose to retire sometime soon, or even if an injury comes about for either of them. Look at it this way, many youngsters know they probably won’t get a chance at Chelsea’s first XI and Fernando Torres would fit the bill to play the role of the striker.

The Boy’s Just Talented!

This is a hard thing to say, especially for such a big Liverpool fan like myself, but the boy’s got talent. I think that he has what it takes to come out of his goal drought for Chelsea, and like Martinez, I think that eventually he will become a bargain signing.


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