Arsenal Fans: Useless New Owner

Well, to be honest, that statement is true for every single Arsenal fan that I have seen and talked to so far, so I like this as a starter topic, basically the thing is, there’s not a single point of having cash,… when you’re having a manager who is so unwilling to splash it.

Basically, the fact is that all the Arsenal fans know that Arsene Wenger is such a reluctant spender, he dries the club of real quality, with the likes of Denilson getting runs in the first team instead, Denilson probably wouldn’t even make the bench at Barcelona for that fact!

Arsenal are going to see yet another Premier League title go away right before their very eyes, and it is going to be all the Frenchman’s fault, with something predictable coming out of his mouth like this

Although I doubt that the new investors would really pump in too much money, they were probably just in the business to make some money, in fact a lot, if you’re talking about the ultra money savers of Arsenal FC, along with the high revenue streams that they get from their Emirates Stadium.

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