Why Liverpool FC Lost To West Brom : Lack of Effort

A mistake is one thing, but lack of passion is unforgivable

Steven Tyler

Well, the same thing can be said of Liverpool FC’s lost against West Brom, yes they had two defensive injuries that ruined their game, but the subs should have came in eager to prove that they were the real deal, which Kyrgiakos simply did the opposite of. Let me put it into a bit of context with this image.

That is a chalkboard created on Guardian.co.uk and is a really useful tool in comparing stats, here it’s the interceptions that I am looking at, just looking at it, Liverpool made more interceptions against Sunderland, in fact exactly 3 more than their game against WBA.

It is when Liverpool are pressing when they do their best, and Liverpool really need to buck up their ideas if they are to achieve anything this season, even if they do have a mini resurgence under the King.


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by | April 10, 2011 · 6:33 pm

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