Another 50 million pound Arsenal Signing From Barca?

Well, it seems like Wenger is intent on making the Nou Camp Chiefs as annoyed as possible, as he is interested in another Barcelona academy player

This time,the player is the Catalan giant’s Xavi Quintilla. Quintilla is one year junior than the Fabregas that moved to London several summers ago. Fabregas is now valued at around 50 million pounds and is the Arsenal captain. Wenger is unhappy at Barcelona’s transfer tactics and seem intent to anger Barcelona as much as possible.

It will definitely be interesting to watch how Pep Guardiola and Sandro Rossell will react to news that their prospect could potentially leave their club for free, given the fact that they have already let another academy player, rising star Jon Miquel Toral Harper earlier in the season to Arsenal.

Quintilla can play both in defence and in midfield, and scouts from the London side have watched the player in action on more than one occasion. The versatile player cannot sign a professional contract with Barcelona just yet, and Arsenal are reportedly ready to pounce before his current club can offer professional terms.

Transfer rulings in Spain rule that a player under the age of 17 years old are not allowed to sign professional contracts with their club, meaning that other clubs are free to take them away without getting into trouble with the authorities.



by | April 7, 2011 · 11:40 pm

8 responses to “Another 50 million pound Arsenal Signing From Barca?

  1. Jack wilshere

    It’s so funny nicking all of the barca youth team and rossell can’t do anything about it

  2. dudu

    i like is so cool.if i was Wenger,i would try to sign a barcalona academy player each time barca mention the name of Fabregas.this would piss them off so much they would curse the day they decided to want Cesc back.think of it this way,sign them for free (almost) and the sell them back to barca for over £30 million.This would teach them a lesson while earning us loads of money.

  3. dutchgunner

    haha please sign him, if only to sell him back to barca in a few years, just to piss off barca further haha

  4. eve

    yeh go for it arsene he might turn out to be another cesc, that would be great.


    sign him it is very good idear he possibly replace cesc for a few years


    sign him it is very good idear he may possibly replace cesc for a few years

  7. San

    But what if he does turn out to be just like cesc. We all get attached to him then before you know it barca keep banging on about his ‘DNA’ can’t go through that shit again.

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