Manchester United vs Chelsea: Something Special

All the Manchester United and Chelsea fans are already starting the banter! And the game isn’t even anywhere near starting yet. One thing’s for certain though, it’s gonna be exciting

Things To Look Out For:

Fernando Torres (Chelsea FC)

Yes, many might call this a joke, but Manchester United know all about him, with the Spaniard having an impeccable scoring record against the red devils, might be out of sorts, but Manchester United always seem to get the best out of him, interesting to watch his duels with the likes of Vidic and Ferdinand, with both of them surely having nightmares about facing the Spanish striker once again.

Javier Hernandez (Manchester United)

What can I say about this kid, when you’re on form, you’re simply on form. Javier Hernandez has been knocking in goals aplenty this season, with his presence in the penalty box simply astounding for such a young lad. The way he positions himself, the way he keeps his composure for knocking in headers is amazing and is simply a marvel to watch. Definitely not afraid of the big occasion, already playing well for Mexico in the World Cup and even adding a goal to his tally back last month when he scored a consolation against rivals Liverpool FC.

A defensive display

Well, call this a bit negative, but both teams won’t exactly want to throw in all their die (plural of dice) for the first leg, especially bearing in mind what has happened to the likes of Tottenham and even defending champions Inter Milan. So watch out for a defensive display on the part of both sides.


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