Avram Grant: Going Back To Chelsea?

There’s a new rumour today morning, apparently Avram Grant is wanted at the Bridge by Chelsea moneybags owner Roman Abramovic

But Ancelotti won’t have to worry about Grant, because Grant is instead wanted for a different position, the ‘Director of Football’ title will apparently go to him at the end of the season should he not keep West Ham afloat. Another example of a ‘Director of Football’ would be Damien Camioli of Liverpool, who organizes transfer activity and also looks at several wage packets of players and analyzes the value in them.

The Daily Express newspaper is the source of this sensational news and it reports that Grant is close to a ‘sensational return’ to Chelsea as ‘director of football’ to succeed Frank Arnesen. At first, Abramovic was after Russian coach Guus Hiddink, but Hiddink looks to be staying with Turkey for a while after keeping their EURO 2012 qualifying hopes alive.

According to the paper this will suit most parties – Abramovich will get his mate back, Grant will have a secure job and West Ham will get shot of a not-particularly-good manager.

It all adds to doubts about the future of current Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti. He wants a contract extension but could be sacked if Chelsea do not win the Champions League. Grant has three years remaining on his West Ham deal but almost lost his job there earlier this season

Daily Express

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