Another Twist To The Arsenal-Gael Clichy Saga

So reading the news today, and now there’s a new rumour apparently that Clichy will leave the Emirates, but this rumour claiming that he will leave as a part exchange.

So that spices it up a bit, doesn’t it? A new twist in the Gael Clichy saga, now he looks apparently (sort of) destined to move to Goodison Park, where he will swap teams with current Everton left back, Leighton Baines. Although it does seem unlikely that Clichy would want to leave Arsenal for an arguably smaller club.

It is the Metro that are in fact claiming this rumour to be true, so well, a bit of doubt regarding the source but Arsenal are definitely after the Englishman, so possible that the move would happen, strongly against the fact that this would result in Clichy joining a smaller team, just doesn’t sound like him.

Apparently they were considering making a £10million bid for Baines but may now simply offer Clichy in exchange. The paper reports that with Clichy having just a year left on his contract and refusing to discuss another, Arsenal will try and get rid in the summer.

I can reliably tell you guys that this rumour is in fact probably false!


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2 responses to “Another Twist To The Arsenal-Gael Clichy Saga

  1. eve

    please dont go gael, love you, realy,realy dont want leighton baines.

  2. omanjedi

    yawnn..please go if you wanna point of staying as Arsenal would not win anything while stubborn egoistic Wenger is still around

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