2011 FIFA Balon d’Or Cancelled, Bale Wins Automatically

In what will be shocking news to football fans around the globe, this year’s Ballon d’or has been cancelled.

This year’s FIFA Balon d’Or has been cancelled due to public outrage at Gareth Bale’s non selection. So instead, the accolade has immediately been given to Gareth Bale. Gareth Bale has been putting in wonderful performances for Tottenham and his high point came in the double leg tie against Inter Milan, where he put in an inspired show in the first leg, scoring a hat-trick and then destroying Maicon once again in the second leg.

Of course I’m disappointed but what can you do when faced with such talent? I totally understand the decision

David Villa

I heard an English commentator say he has the best left foot in world football. I am grateful as it means there is another level I can attain. I’ll be modelling my game on his

Lionel Messi

This is the first time in the Balon d’Or’s history that it has been cancelled, but many can argue that it has been given to it’s rightful winner.


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